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Block Island is one of the easiest to overlook places on Narragansett Island in Providence, Rhode Island. This charming island is full of beaches, shops, galleries and activities, but if you look at the museum and other attractions on Block Island, there is much to discover. You could see this as a list of some really interesting things to do at Narraganett in connection with the attractions and museums.

Most museums don't like touching different artifacts, but Providence Children's Museum encourages children to have fun with their hands - at activities. Visitors will enjoy a stroll through the Children's Museum and explore the history of Providence, Rhode Island and its port city. Also worth a visit is the Brown University Museum of the United States of America, the oldest museum on Narragansett Island. Located on the east side of Brown's University Campus, it celebrates the region's rich heritage and allows you to stroll through the museum and admire the artworks that have been worked on over the centuries, from the early 19th and early 20th centuries to the present day.

Even Rhode Islanders who have lived here for years have come by and pointed out the historical significance of the museum. It is a place that shaped the history of Rhode Island at a pivotal point in the Industrial Revolution. Today you can see various sights that illustrate the role of families in history and in our nation.

The Benefit Street Armory features souvenirs collected by the Rhode Island artillery officers during the United States War of 1801. The RISD Museum has a collection of items made in Providence from 1811 to the 1980s. Including the collection, we must add this beautifully manicured gem to our list of activities we can do during our visit to Providence, RI.

Other popular museums in Providence include Governor Henry Lippit House, which is brimming with historic artifacts and antiques and is located on the site of the former Rhode Island State House in downtown Providence. Located in Fort Adams State Park, the museum focuses on local sailing history, including a collection of historic sailing boats from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Throughout the city there are a number of important museums and art galleries suitable for tourists who want to learn more about the culture, history and heritage of the city.

Originally opened in 1896, it houses more than a quarter of a million objects and features a rotating base of artifacts from the jewelry industry of Rhode Island and its history. It stretches from the 1970s, when jewelry-making on the island of Rhode Island reached its peak, to today, when many, even those who work in the industry, do not know much about the days when Providence was the fashion, costume and jewelry capital of the world.

It is part of the nearly 400,000-acre area along the Blackstone River in Rhode Island, the largest river in the United States. The river access offers historic views from the shore and also cuts through the dragging path of the Schwarzstein Canal. It was opened in 1868 to preserve the rural heritage of Rhode Island and its history.

Just stroll around the neighborhood and enjoy great views of the Blackstone River and the city of Providence, the capital of Rhode Island.

Visitors can explore beautiful gardens and parks, pick up handmade treasures, chat with local artisans and explore the beautiful garden park. There is nothing quite like a bookstore, and this is no exception, so you should pick the perfect souvenir to remember your trip to Rhode Island. The library houses a large collection of historical documents related to the island of Rhode Island, as well as books on the history of the state and its people.

Aldrich House has an ever-changing range of temporary exhibits that are related to Aldrich and the history of Rhode Island. One of those institutions in Providence is RISD, the University of Providence's School of Public Health and Human Services. The very good attendance numbers are enjoyed by students, faculty, staff, students and visitors from across the state, as well as local businesses and organizations, making it a part of every visit to Providence.

If you know of any historic houses or museums in Rhode Island that should be listed here, please use our submission form to let us know. We try to keep our list up to date, but it is best to ask the museum itself for museum hours and other information.

If you love history, you should include Stephen Hopkins House on your list of activities during your visit to Providence, Rhode Island. On the website you will find details and tours, and do not forget to explore if you want to learn more. Don't miss the South County Balloon Festival, visit the nearby University of Rhode Island for its beautiful architecture, or visit the Providence Natural History Museum for great views of the city.

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