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The Italian cuisine as we know it has come up with a new way of allowing guests to enjoy an al fresco meal. The restaurant, inspired by the popular restaurant in New York's Central Park, will open on Wednesday, December 16. Providence attractions, including Providence attractions such as the Natural History Museum of Rhode Island and the Providence Zoo, make it even more attractive.

In recent years, Providence has become an unlikely destination for foodies because of its location in the heart of Rhode Island and proximity to New York City.

While we can list the best food in Rhode Island, there are a few honorable mentions that simply cannot be omitted. Find out more by finding out where you can get your first taste of Providence's best home - cooked, local cuisine and where to start better than in Providence.

If you love seafood, head to the Matunuck Oyster Bar for a few local oysters and a plate of squid. If you want to have a stand-up serve, order it at Pane - e - Vino in Providence, and you can't have a bad plate of calamari, even if you go wrong.

If you're looking for a classic Rhode Island bite, Olnyville's New-Y system offers a Wienerle of the - or - kind. It's best served hot, but if you wash it off with a cold glass of coffee or milk, you've got an ideal dunk that looks like a bowl of Rhode Island mussel cubes. Read on to learn more about the history, culture and food history of this delicious and tasty dish.

When I first moved to Rhode Island, I didn't understand the concept of turning cheese-free pizza strips into a party until a local friend tipped me off. Our friends from Providence Eats had the chance to hear how great Blackie's is, so they decided to take the 20-minute drive to Smithfield to get pampered.

I didn't know how to start, but the table came out improbably like Rhode Island itself, and I'm pretty sure it's the only one in the state.

No Rhode Island food list would be complete without mentioning the stuffed quahog, affectionately referred to by locals as "stuffie." It is simply a square of dough fried and dusted with granulated or powdered sugar, but the rich history and background make it a great addition to any meal. These deep-fried pasta bags are filled with a mixture of sweet and sour cream, cheese, salt and a little salt and pepper.

Rhode Island residents love their food, but perhaps none is as hotly debated as Johnnycake. The best clam pie in Rhode Island can be found at Johnny Cakes restaurant in New York City - area. This place has earned a reputation as one of the best restaurants in Providence and even has a take-out window.

Newport Creamery offers takeout at its restaurant in Providence as well as several other locations in Rhode Island. Chelo's offers a wide selection of cheeses, pastries, desserts and other foods. They are open for pickups and pickups at the roadside when you order online or by phone. has a wide selection of items, including zeppelins, fish and chips and a variety of other items. They take over lunch and dinner as well as delivery and offer delivery on weekends and holidays. Co. offers the execution of all orders and pickups at its locations in Providence, Providence and Warwick in Rhode Island.

The menu is perfect for a stylish evening out in the city, and features fresh seafood from Rhode Island, including oysters, clams and more. The Industrious Spirit Company in Providence was also named one of the top ten restaurants in the United States by USA Today over the past two years. In other parts of the country it is very lightly stirred, then fried or fried and served with a few prawns and cheese, but on the island of Rhode it is a little more complex and delicious. This dish is so revered that in 2014 it was named the official appetizer of the islanders of Rhode Island and revered by the state Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHS) as the "official state appetizer for Providence" for its ability to resist and enjoy every bite.

We have 17 restaurants and caterers serving a wide range of food and beverages from Rhode Island and the Northeast, including restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, food trucks and more. We offer a wide range of outlets including: Food & Drink, Food & Wine, Wine & Spirits, Coffee & Beverages, Retail & Retail, Public Health & Human Services, Business & Business Development, Tourism & Tourism. Our nonprofit industry organization advises, conducts trade missions, trains food companies in Rhode Island and the Northeast that sell their products internationally, and conducts research and development work on the state's food industry.

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