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Gourmets can look forward to a full day of food, wine, beer, cocktails, music and fun with friends and family. With a variety of suppliers, food trucks, vendors and events, there is something for everyone.

Bold Point Park is located on the corner of Main Street and South Street in Providence, Rhode Island. Join us on the opening day of the annual Seafood Festival, a great three-day fish festival with live music and fun activities for children. On Friday, a 10-mile road race winds through the city ending at Bold Point, where a three-day long fish festival includes live music, fun and children's activities.

Bold Point Park is located on the corner of Main Street and South Street in Providence, Rhode Island. Bold Point State Park, the largest public park in Providence, is located at the intersection of South and Main Streets, the main thoroughfare in Providence, and is also just a few blocks from the Providence Public Library and City Hall and several other public parks and recreational facilities.

Tickets for this major music festival are sold out quickly, so check out the official fan ticket exchange to see if you can get a seat if you can. Tickets for the show will go on sale at the Bold Point Park box office on Friday, June 2 at 10 a.m. Prices start at $50 - $75 for standing room only and tickets can be purchased at Ticketmaster 800 - 745 - 3000 or during regular store opening hours. Tickets are on sale on the festival's Facebook page and on-site at

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From D.C. Alternatively, you can take the train, bus or car rental to Providence and fly to Rhode Island from New York City or Washington, DC. You can also take a flight from Providence to Washington DC or from Boston to Boston, or even fly from Washington to Portland, Oregon.

Nevertheless, the city attracts a large number of leisure visitors, especially at weekends, and excellent restaurants that have restored historic neighborhoods attract crowds. Providence is best in the early morning hours and late evening on weekends and weekdays during the week.

This is a nationally recognized forum where finance and treasury management professionals and salespeople come together to learn and exchange ideas and solutions. Similar events like Rhode Island's annual Economic Development Conference offer many opportunities for education, inspiration and education.

Other events produced by Waterfront Productions over the past 12 years include the annual Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce Conference and the annual Rhode Islanders for Business Conference. There is a tree-lined place for brides who want to imagine a down-to-earth, stylish wedding, couples who are looking for an elegant place to make their wedding vows, and couples who want to show off their colorful side. Highlights in recent years have included the New York State Fair, the Boston Tea Party and a New Year's Eve party at the White House.

A little further away is Roger Williams Park, a 430-acre oasis known for its scenic views of the Rhode Island River. There is much to see and do here, and visitors enjoy a variety of events, including the annual Rhode Islanders for Business conference and the New York State Fair. It is less than an hour south of us, so it is a must-see for foodies, but there is also an annual Phycology Symposium at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. PSA was founded in 2010 to promote research and teaching in the field of phytology through the use of science, technology, engineering and mathematical education (STEM).

The popular film festival regularly shows more than 250 films, many of which have world and North American premieres, in various locations across the state. It offers a variety of food and drinks, including food trucks, live music, a beer garden and much more.

You could probably argue for the most gay-friendly college campus in Rhode Island, or at least one of the best gay colleges in the state. The left-leaning Providence State University college brings a steady stream of gay students and academics.

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