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Although Rhode Island is the smallest state in America, it is full of fun - with activities for the family. There are more than enough outstanding attractions to entertain and enchant visitors all year round.

When your team hosts a tournament at the Rhode Island Convention Center, you can explore many of these fun attractions in one place. Rhode Island is brimming with fun activities for the family, from fishing to hiking, kayaking and even golfing.

If you love history, you should include Stephen Hopkins House on your list of activities during your visit to Providence, Rhode Island. StephenHopkins House has been administered by the National Society of Colonial Dames of America since 1927 and is owned by the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. The Ivy League Brown University in Providence is home to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the United States, including Harvard University, Yale University and the University of Massachusetts - Amherst. A tour of Brown University is an excellent addition to your visit to Providence and Rhode Islands, see the website for details of the tour. For more information, visit Brown's website and her Facebook page.

One of the most popular attractions in Providence, Rhode Island, is the Providence School of Design, a popular destination for activities in and around Providence. It is only natural that the Rhode Island School of Design would have an equally impressive art museum.

Waterplace Park is a magnificent four-hectare park with a river that allows people to see the city's sights from both the land and the water. Southern Providence has a reputation for poverty and crime, but it also houses a large, beautifully landscaped park with a zoo, museum and other attractions. In addition, Prospect Park on Prospect Street is home to the Providence Museum of Art and Rhode Island School of Design. The water park is also located on the east side of Providence, just a few blocks from the school.

One of Providence's claims to fame is the Rhode Island School of Design, the oldest public school in the United States, founded in 1877. Along the Providence River, Providence also houses the National Museum of Natural History and the New England Aquarium. Providence, the capital, has one of the largest and most diverse populations on the island, with more than 1.5 million inhabitants.

RISD, pronounced Riz Dee, is short for Rhode Island School of Design, and the RISD Museum is one of the largest public museums in the United States with more than 1,000 exhibits and galleries.

Dominating the skyline may be an exaggeration, but there are plenty of rooms to explore in the rotunda of the Rhode Island Museum of Contemporary Art. Impress the dome, which is built like the Capitol in Washington, and the rotunda under the dome. There are a number of galleries and a variety of exhibitions as well as a café and bar.

RISD, also known as the Rhode Island School of Design, is a great place to learn more about art. The main attractions are the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Art Institute of New York and the Center for the Study of Art and Design at RISD. It houses some of the country's leading museums, from the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., to the National Gallery of Natural History in London. Highlights are the highlights, but there are also a number of galleries, a café and a variety of exhibitions in the museum as well as a restaurant.

RD even offers free admission all day, so be sure to check out the website so you can see for yourself what they have come up with about the best fun things with kids in Rhode Island. No list of 15 great things to do in Providence would be complete without a guided tour of Providence. If you walk just a few blocks, you will discover that downtown is one of the most fun places to do your favorite things. If you are visiting Little Rhodey's capital, check out the full list below and check it out before you visit!

In the center of Rhode Island, the Providence Performing Arts Center, you will find some of the most popular musicals, operas and opera houses.

The city of Providence is also known as the capital of Rhode Island and is known for its rich historical roots, with several cultural and historical sites in the area. Some of the funniest things to do in Providence are exploring downtown, where you can shop and enjoy craft beers made in Providence and the surrounding area. Another incredibly fun place to visit with your children on Rhode Island is a fantastic beach and an educational museum. Rhode Island islanders have a number of state parks that are visited by many visitors and local communities.

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